Rafa Nadal FDN
Video Editing and Motion Design.
Rafa Nadal Foundation in collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles España.
Rafael Nadal and his mother, Ana María Parera, created the Rafa Nadal Foundation in 2008. From the beginning, sport and education are our best allies, which all our projects are based on. In the Rafa Nadal Foundation, we strongly believe in the transformative power of sport and education, two tools that allow children and teenagers to go as far as they can, regardless of their background or personal and social conditions, even for those who have learning difficulties or disability. Our mission is based upon the belief that every child and youth should have access to equal opportunities now and in the future. Through our projects in Spain and India, we work alongside them to make the most of their abilities, empowering them and fostering values such as self-improvement, respect and effort.
Komodo Comunicacion is a multidisciplinary agency based in Madrid and Barcelona, providing international events and design services. The agency can deliver the strategy, execution and production on any project. I joined Komodo Comunicacion as a mid-weight assistant designer, and after a few months, I started to take ownership of different projects as Art Director. Komodo likes a mix of different professionals such as interior designers, videographers and graphic designers in order to seamlessly execute each project.
The Project
The Rafa Nadal Foundation and Aldeas Infantiles wanted to present their latest collaboration, where both foundations helped to introduce sport to children with limited resources. We tried to reflect the human side of both foundations combined with the children’s love of sport.

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