Angel Olaran FDN
Video Editing and Motion Design.
Angel Olaran and Holistic Pro Africa partnered together to bring help to Wukro, Africa.
Established in Wukro in 1991 with the mission of building a school for the town, after more than 25 years of effort and work in the area, we have not only achieved the goal of creating St. Mary’s school, but we have also covered many more scopes. We mainly provide social and economic support to orphans, homeless mothers, HIV / AIDS victims, elderly and disabled people living in extreme poverty, to raise awareness on all issues related to HIV / AIDS, to provide credit services to the disadvantaged part of the population so that they can be independent. We achieve all this through the implementation of various projects for people in need, to ensure access to stable food. Interventions are carried out through the coordination and implementation of social welfare and development programs and projects. These programs are run in collaboration with the WSDP (Wukro Social Development Program), an agency that employs social workers, psychologists and administrative staff from the local community of Wukro and Tigray.
Project Goals
My friend Pablo Llanes from Holistic Pro Africa asked me to put together this video for the Angel Olaran Foundation. Together, they collaborate to help cover basic needs such as health and education in Wukro, Africa. In this video I tried to show how happy the children from Wukro are, and how providing their essential needs can help to put a smile on their faces and help them to grow. I couldn't be more honoured to help them.

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