Amper 2010
Report Editorial Design.
The challenge of making financial information modern and accessible to everyone.
Amper is a Multinational Group, with more than 60 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, dedicated to facilitating the transformation of the market towards new business models, integrating sector solutions and communications technology. With a clear international vocation and strongly committed to innovative and excellent engineering, it operates in Europe, Latin America and Asia, in the Communications and Security business activities. With offices in Madrid, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru. Its shares have been listed on the Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchanges (AMP) since 1986.
Komodo Comunicacion is a multidisciplinary agency based in Madrid and Barcelona, which provides international events and design services. The agency can deliver the strategy, execution and production on any project. I joined Komodo Comunicacion as a mid-weight assistant designer, and after a few months, I started to take ownership of different projects as Art Director. Komodo likes a mix of different professionals such as interior designers, videographers and graphic designers in order to seamlessly execute each project.
The Project
Each year Amper Group publishes their Annual Report to make their financial information accessible to both their investors and public audience, in order to communicate the transition between past years and the next, and how the company shapes its future.
Our team helped shape the report through working on the structure, and pacing and creating visual solutions to showcase financial data. We worked with the Amper team to create an effective hierarchy and table content making the report information available to everyone.

The team worked towards modernity and clarity. Making the report accessible and understandable to everyone whilst conveying the future vision of the company. The report reflects the Amper brand guidelines and incorporates new elements decided during the collaboration with the Group internal teams. The paper we used to produce this report came from recycled materials reflecting the conscious nature of Amper Group towards our planet.
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