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Open City is a charity that works with architecture and urban design to make our built environment more accessible and inclusive.
Open House London is an annual festival - starting normally around the third weekend of September - which celebrates the architecture and urban landscape of London. It is staged by the charity Open City, who campaign to make London a more accessible, equitable and open city. During the Open House festival, many buildings considered to be of architectural significance open their doors for free public tours. The 2019 event featured over 800 buildings, neighbourhood walks, architects' talks, cycle tours, and more. During the Open House weekend in 2005, well-known buildings - not usually open to the public - enabled access for tours. This included: Marlborough House, Lancaster House, Mansion House, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Horse Guards. In a typical year, Open House Weekend attracts around 250,000 people.
The Exhibition
The show spans over the entire Argentinian Ambassador Residency and incorporates a wide range of classic and contemporary paintings. The exhibition is divided into two parts: one looking at the classic collection, the other focusing purely on contemporary material. The visual had to support the curated approach and support the framework that helps to organise the exhibition.​​​​​​​
The Catalogue
The cover of the catalogue features the “Magdalena, by Italian School” with the title of the exhibition and the colours inspired by the classic pictorial pallet to bridge the connection with the main part of the exhibition. That style became the main style for the exhibition poster. The second part features “Untitled, by Cesar Baracca” to represent the contemporary side of the exhibition, also serving its vibrant colours to represent this art era.

The catalogue explores the dialogue between classic and contemporary art, guiding visitors through the rooms of the residence. The volume wraps up with a schematic map of the spaces and the position of the paintings.
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