Brand Identity, Editorial, Web Design, Motion Graphics and Strategy.
A new brand that connects modernised traditional German investment across Europe.
Konstanz Bonds is a Property Investment Company based in London, England. Konstanz focuses on sourcing and purchasing investment properties throughout London and Europe.
I joined the Black Swan Edge Design Team in February 2015. We delivered strategy, branding and visual solutions for global investment institutions, helping companies to release their investment opportunities into the retail market through our proprietary investment platform.
Brand Identity
Before starting on the visual identity, the Black Swan Edge team worked with Konstanz on developing brand strategy and positioning that would set it apart as the only investment opportunity designed specifically for young professionals that want to be part of the future development of European cities. The team developed a brand manifesto that emphasises the investment’s role as smart and passionate for the future of living and workspaces. The branding is sophisticated and confident, conveying Konstanz’s unrivalled expertise in putting German spirit on the road to success. This German spirit is reflected in the brand identity, that reflects its sharp and clean style.
Outside the logo, Konstanz’s website reflects the transparency of the investment and the structure from German heritage. The identity has flexibility that functions across an array of applications. The clean geometry of the logo is echoed in the modular design of the website, which combines vibrant blocks of information and images. It keeps aligned with the brand spirit by the reflection of their German roots, architecture and dynamism from the slow-motion videos that inundate the website to help retail investors to make their own well-informed decisions.
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