Video Editing.
Video of Spanish Basketball team's silver medal at the London Olympics 2012.
The Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) is the governing body of basketball in Spain, headquartered in Madrid. They organise the LEB Oro, the LEB Plata and the Liga EBA. They also administer the Primera División with the assistance of the regional basketball federations. It is also responsible for appointing the management of the men's, women's and youth national basketball teams.
Komodo Comunicacion is a multidisciplinary agency based in Madrid and Barcelona, which provides international events and design services. The agency can deliver the strategy, execution and production on any project. I joined Komodo Comunicacion as a mid-weight assistant designer, and after a few months I started to take ownership of different projects as Art Director. Komodo likes a mix of different professionals such as interior designers, videographers and graphic designers in order to seamlessly execute each project.
Playing an Olympic Basketball final against the USA team was a dream for Spain. As a result of the silver medal achieved during the Olympic Games, the FEB wanted to produce a video to celebrate this historical moment. Empowering not only the players’ performance during the tournament but to also recognise the broader team of professionals which made this achievement possible.
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