The breakfast club
Web Concept Design.
A clean breakfast room finder focused on food and experience.
In the contemporary UK and Ireland, a weekday breakfast may involve a cereal dish, such as muesli, porridge or cereal, or toast or simply bread spread with jam or marmalade. Tea and coffee remain equally popular accompaniments. Marmalade, originally a Portuguese confection, had been a popular British spread to consume in the evening before the Scots moved it to the breakfast table in the 18th century. It is, however, becoming very common to 'skip breakfast' entirely or take coffee or pastries on the morning commute. Portable quick snacks such as granola bars, ready-cut fruit and warm takeaway foods are becoming increasingly common to consume away from home and are sold at commuting points, newsagents and local shops in all urban areas.
This is part of a series of personal projects that explore quick ideation. Each piece of this series has been done in less than four hours and delivers one visual using 3 main colours. With this practice I don't pretend to deliver a final visual, the main goal is to explore my creative taste and train myself to think and paint my thoughts quickly.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Project Goals
Create simple navigation to explore breakfast rooms by city. Also, showcase their main meal and an idea of the experience in the room. I divided the page into a three-column layout, this made this design scalable and ready to plug any content in it.
When creating a navigation always highlight the section you are on.
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